JUNIORS            AGES 6-16

Rolling Hills Golf Course

1415 N Mill Ave

Tempe, AZ 85281


(480) 440-4478


Hole Out Golf Academy is dedicated to growing the game of golf by providing professional quality golf instruction to golfers of all ages and abilities through the use of relevant instruction methods and state of the art facilities.

Give your game the tools to succeed


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The atmosphere for the Hole Out Golf Academy allows Junior Golfers to thrive in a positive environment with their peers where they will learn valuable life skills.  Our proven curriculum helps build self esteem and teaches teamwork, etiquette on and off the golf course, basic rules of golf, history of golf, effective practice techniques, and course management strategies.  Our instruction focuses on the basic fundamental movement patterns for the putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing strokes where our Junior Athletes can put themselves to the test under actual playing conditions during monthly on-course playing lessons.  

Give your Junior golfer the Academy experience and get them out to the golf course where they will be a part of a team!

Golfers looking to improve their game go to the range regularly and still wonder why they are not seeing any improvement in their game.  By just going to the range and hitting ball after ball you will be further cementing those bad habits that will undoubtedly show up more frequently on the course.

The Hole Out Golf Academy can show you how to make your time at the practice facility fun, rewarding, and translate to the golf course on a consistent basis. Practice does not make perfect.  It is perfect practice that makes consistency.

Our Mission