Lessons are a great way to get started in the game or to build upon skills already learned. By possessing the proper fundamentals, and how to correctly practice them, your game will be elevated to the next level.  

In order to achieve your golfing goals, receiving clear guidance and direction from our coaches will set you up for many successes on the course!​

​Allow us to help you improve your fundamentals and play your best!  Book your lesson plan today.

Junior Curriculum

Video analysis of your swing is available starting at just $50 per hour! Get your game on par with lessons and develop your winning game today. 


The game of golf is meant to be enjoyed and should not be a point of frustration for anyone.  In order to maximize the enjoyment, a certain set of fundamentals must be learned and understood.  This is the foundation to build an efficient and effective repeating golf swing.  Once we understand the fundamentals of the golf swing we can build upon that foundation with time-tested drills and practice routines. 

To assist in reaching a golfer’s potential, properly fitted golf clubs is a must.  Each individual is physically built different with diverse athletic abilities.  Playing with properly fitted equipment will allow golfers to enjoy this great game without making unnecessary adjustments to their natural swing.

There are multiple swing techniques performed in the game of golf.  The most effective swings produce solid contact in the center of the club face resulting in a good golf shot.  Executing the correct fundamentals coupled with using properly fitted golf equipment will maximize a golfer’s potential to perform an efficient and effective repeatable golf swing resulting in good golf shots.  When good golf shots are achieved, the game of golf is more enjoyable.

Golf is a game.  Let’s have fun!


Individual / Group Lessons 


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Designed to progress committed young golfers into mature, skilled, and knowledgeable players prepared to compete and excel at the Junior High School, High School, and Collegiate level.  

Junior programs are a great way for kids to learn the game in a fun and safe environment. Watch them mature and grow in the game of golf!


We are a Veteran Owned, local business with a passion for golf.  As the name implies, we teach golf from “the hole out”.  Getting  the ball in the hole is the object of golf.  By teaching students this rudimentary skill, we build upon the foundation set by the shortest stroke all the way back to a full swing.  The learning does not stop on the course.  Skills learned in golf easily translate to everyday life.  Having success, and failures, on the golf course teach us important life skills like perseverance, dedication, drive, and mental toughness just to name a few.  If you have a passion for the game, or are just a weekend novice, we can take your game to reach your goals, both on and off the course.