Enrollment Benefits

-  45-minute individual private lessons per month available at a discounted rate:

          Two for additional $50

          One for additional $35

- Free club repair and analysis

​- Free club fitting

Golf is a challenging sport which requires a sound set of fundamentals in order to improve.  The Hole Out Golf Academy will set a solid foundation for your child to grow upon into the game of golf.  Our instruction focuses on developing functional movement patterns for putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing and how to properly practice on their own or with a parent.  In order to achieve success and continue growing with the game of golf, we have established 4 levels of proficiency to help keep children engaged and focused on their goals. Upon successful completion of level 4 our golfers will be able to enter an even more competitive atmosphere of junior golf by joining our Mission: 36 program.  Mission: 36 is a program specifically designed with attaining an achievable goal of shooting par, or better, where committed young golfers will progress into mature, skilled, and knowledgeable players prepared to compete and excel at the junior high, high school, and collegiate level.​

Drop-in fee for non-enrolled students:

$45 per class / ​$85 for 3rd Saturday playing lesson

​​​This program is currently offered every Saturday.  The third Saturday of the month will be utilized to get children out on the golf course to apply the skills learned and to assess their potential for further advancement in the program.  We believe that by getting children out onto the golf course, it is a more realistic assessment of children’s understanding of golf fundamentals as well as a way to measure the effectiveness of our instructional methods.


Hours /  Week

Hours / MonthMonthly Cost
Saturday1:00pm - 3:00pm210*$125


*The 3rd Saturday of the month will be held from 1:00pm - 5:00pm



Students will be placed in, or advanced to, levels based on their understanding and ability to demonstrate different areas of the game.  Keeping parents informed of progress and our expectations is key to the success of our students.  The following is a list of expectations and standards 

  • Maturity
  • Knowledge of equipment
  • Knowledge of rules and etiquette
  • Demonstrate proper fundamentals for each stroke
  • Certain level of proficiency for each stroke

An individual assessment can be arranged prior to the start of the first session to place your junior golfer into the correct level.  Sign up or contact us for any questions about junior programs  here.